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A writer’s delight

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This has been a challenging year, but then again what year hasn’t been.

We’ve learned and reinforced what our priorities are, or so I hope so.

Now comes a new age, or some say a beginning, an opportunity to undo the mistakes, to care for what is most precious, and valuable.

On this list is family, shelter, food, water, communication and freedom.

The freedoms that we take for granted: thinking, talking, seeing, writing, walking, and traveling. We now have had a glimpse of being deprived of these simple daily activities.

But, now we must progress with nature, and stay firm in our convictions to value and protect all.

And we must also enjoy every thing life has to offer.

So, go travel, communicate, assist, create, do it all, and keep it simple.

You can derive great pleasure from the simplest encounters.

We have been given another chance to do it better. Avancer!

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Superficiality vs Trust


Rarely do I make a good first impression, yet there are more than a few who trust me.

Judging by a first impression is equivalent to judging a book by its cover. I do not have to be specific to remind you about assumptions, and what they do.

Why are we surprised at the difficulty of finding those with natural intelligence?

Because independent thinking, outside the box and beyond, and thinking and behaving differently are frowned upon. Add to that deep insecurity and competitiveness, and you don’t get an ideal scenario.

Accepting everyone for whom and how they are is easier said than done, especially when boundaries are crossed, when mutual respect is unattainable.

So we continue to strive towards authentic civilization and hope to reach that first step, someday.

Wishing to be a salmon swimming upstream, is it more probable?

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